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Retro cinema style wedding

When this bride started to plan her wedding she had an old fashion/retro image in her mind that she wanted to customise and  make her own.

Benedetta and her team helped the bride to developed the theme: it was going to be a retro cinema style wedding. We all loved the idea.

Some aspects of the style were inspired by the 1930s art deco and old Hollywood glamour, while others were more a nod to the 1950s retro look.

Initially we were worried about how to fit everything together perfectly but in the end we  released it wasn't necessary to find perfection but it was more about having fun and be creative mixing old furnitures, decorations and materials to create a relaxed and original atmosphere.

The flower decorations were  inspired by a retro look, using  porcelains and silver candelabras, anemones, garden roses ,ranunculus,  tulips and delicate anemonies.

Photographer: Marcello Lupo
Location: Stazione Leopolda
Theme: Retro cinema style wedding