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Roro Wedding Mehndi

Mehndi decoration is always a delight!

Some of the most vibrant details and energetic moments from this RO RO Mendhi celebration were captured in these gorgeous photos. The incredible pre-wedding décor was an amazing and colorful scenery for the guests.

The colour palette for this mehndi included the most popular shades such as: fuchsia, mint, bright tangerine, orange and lime green. The use of props such as umbrellas provided a touch of glam to this party.

The mix of traditional and contemporary styled flowers is one of my favourite themes; carnations added a touch of warmth and love to the mehndi party, while tulips, roses and anemones added a modern feel to the decorations.   

Photographer: Marcello Lupo
Location: Piazza Ognissanti, Florence
Theme: La festa di Mehendi