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A Wedding in the heart of Rome

After creating many weddings in Tuscany, I am always happy to work in Rome, the Eternal City.

With its breathtaking, opulent churches, its luxurious palazzos and splendid villas along Appia

Antica, it acts like a muse and leads me to create new forms of decoration.

Together with Micheline Diab, a Libanese wedding planner from the famous company Giritaly, we

met and listened to the young, beautiful couple, Pierre and Lea, to understand their taste and


In the beautiful Dodici Apostoli church, Lea walked down the aisle between bronze candelabras

that had been adorned in cascading roses and hydrangeas in delicate pastel colours. More roses

were placed along the alter rail and Lea, breathtaking in her white dress and followed by her

bridesmaids, had in her hands a precious bouquet of white peonies, her most favourite flower.

A triumph of white flowers left the rooms in Palazzo Brancaccio utterly magical. Roses,

hydrangeas, tulips and orchids were combined together with precious crystal chandeliers which

exalted and illuminated the amazing decoration of the room.

Planning: Giritaly by Micheline Diab
Photographer: Marcello Lupo e Pulse Production
Location: Basilica dei Santi XII Apostoli e Palazzo Brancaccio
Catering: Palazzo Brancaccio e California Catering Roma