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A Wedding in Villa

There is something in the pictures of this wedding that makes it impossible to forget.

Maybe it was the villa that in itself stood elegantly, or the splendid green of the park, or perhaps the vibrant

colours of the flowers and precious porcelain that decorated the tables. Every aspect together makes

my heart flutter.

When I first met Martina, her freshness and light figure had me feeling very impressed and while

admiring her splendid bridal gown I thought that it was absolutely perfect for her: a delicate silk

chiffon in a blush colour that suited her perfectly.

The bridal bouquet had to be exactly like her, light, precious and fresh! What better than the

fragrant and pure lathyrus for a taste of the past? Without the veil, a gentil crown made from

delicate hyacinth buds encircled the bride’s hair.

The church, simple and luminous seemed ever more precious thanks to the splendid panel of roses

and hydrangeas that framed the altar and the elegant delphinium that surrounded the aisle.

The reception, held in the villa’s ancient park, could only follow the same pattern: freshness and


Fine china in diverse colours were emphasised by the colours of dazzling peonies, roses and light

touches of green that were woven in-between the vases. Together it evoked the grandeur of splendid

tables of historical Italian families and their princely parties.

The colours of the flowers, different for each table, had created a perfect combination along with

the multicoloured china used for the tableware.

Planning: Floraliaeventdesign
Photographer: Gianni Ugolini
Location: Villa Salviati
Catering: Federico Salza Catering