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Lavish Tuscan Villa Wedding

Villa Catureglio, set in the heart of the Tuscan countryside, is the perfect place for an

intimate and romantic wedding.

The small grotto served perfectly as an altar, enriched with a simple yet refined canvas

cloth used as a backdrop and a garland to frame the iron support.

When the bride and her wedding planner spoke of flowers and their ideas on decoration

our thoughts became immediately in sync. It was easy to understand that our collection of

vases, silverware, aged candelabras, collected over the years in antique marketplaces,

could perfectly represent the theme of this event.

It was important that the flowers were arranged organically and unstructured, a style

seeming somewhat simple yet difficult to achieve: an interesting challenge that we truly


The result was a a harmony of flowers in shades of light pink, mauves and ‘rustic’ orange.

Dahlias, garden roses, astilbe, and leaves in the shades of the Tuscan countryside,

together among dozens and dozens of dark navy candles, created a harmonious garden

on the table. For the place cards, a Tuscan leather knot embellished the cutlery.

The idea of making floral wreaths that the guests could wear was a complete success and

everyone brought them to brunch the following day!

For the after-dinner we created a sitting area with antique sofas, chairs, rugs and small

tables, all in which came from our collection, that created an “at home” atmosphere, classy

and comfortable.

Featured in "The"

Planning: Katie Moore and Elyse Shumsky of Bellwether Design
Photographer: Matthew Moore