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The Brightness of autumn

Planning a fall wedding? Golden trees, colourful flowers and twinkling candles are stunning ways to celebrate the season and create a charming, cozy atmosphere for your special day. This unforgettable Baroque themed wedding drew inspiration from still life paintings, that hung in the homes of royalty centuries ago. This concept, rich with opulent colours, is was what motivates me to create colourful floral compositions for today’s weddings. The Baroque style, by definition, contains ornamental elements, deep colours and intense illumination, placing a strong focus on the dramatic. To bring this vision to life, the right location was key to set the stage. Villa Molin, in Padova, was therefore an excellent option, with its elegant fireplaces and still life paintings enhancing the mood. Flowers, antique candelabras, and precious golden olive trees, were used to add consistency and elegance to the table. The florals were the core to the reception’s design, with large, magnificent centrepieces, defining the impressive ambiance of the day. As if the paintings came to life, shorter, golden vase compositions overflowed with a variety of colourful blooms, including, garden roses, dahlias, sugarbushes and hydrangeas. 

Opulence, elegance and beauty dripping in every detail that even Caravaggio himself would've been dazzled. 

Planning: Francesca Iacometti Events
Photographer: Daniele Borghello Morlotti Studio Padova
Location: Villa Molin, Padova