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Getting ready for your late summer fete? This wedding  had us reminiscing on the unique vibes that late-summer brings. If you're saying 'I do' during this time, we know it can be a bit hard. You're not drawn to the light pastels that spring and early summer bring and it doesn't feel time to bring in autumnal tones yet either ... so what's a bride to do?

The key to jewel tones in summer is keeping them on the bright side, not the muted autumnal side. We love the bright apricot ,magenta and sangria tones.

We wanted to  create a refined and stunning late summer look set in the wonderful Tuscan landscape, full of feminine-romantic touches that highlight the place and that real couples could look for for the inspiration of the wedding.

The bride wore Wanda Borges, s stunning idress n every way  and perfect like a dream, even more valuable on the Persian carpets, the colorful beauties that covered the aisle . 

Planning: TuscanyBlu
Photographer: Duo Borgatto
Location: Castello Banfi