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Tell us about your event. Be sure to keep these details in mind:

- What kind of event is it? (Wedding, Birthday, etc)

- What styles or themes inspire you?

- Any colour palettes in mind?

- Location?

- Date of the event?

- Number of guests?

It is very important to us that your planning experience is just as enjoyable as the event itself.


We are often asked, “How much will my event cost?”

The short answer being, “As much as your budget allows.”

Our experienced team know how to work within your budget allowance, and how to optimise it in

the best possible way.


This is where the fun really begins!

First, we listen to your ideas and inspiration. We then create a mood board and a creative

presentation based on what we have heard.

The mood board establishes the general feel and look for your event which, once approved, will

then be further developed in our detailed design phase.

The detailed design phase takes every aspect and enriches every detail of what was proposed. As

an additional service, we can provide visual design elements, such as floor plans, renderings and

style boards so that no element is left in the dark.

Finally, we provide a white glove delivery and installation service at your event’s location, to setup

the general positioning of decorations, lighting and furnishings.

We will guide you through the design and selection process with the aim of making your event

extraordinary and unforgettable. Our goal is to bring your imagination to life and create the

atmosphere you’ve always dreamed of.

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