event design

I founded Floralia in 1990 because I loved flowers. My grandparents loved flowers too, so much so

that in the first half of the 1900s they created new varieties of roses and carnations. My parents, in

turn, continued on with this. I think that sooner or later it is inevitable to be captured and enticed by

family tradition, combining them with your own personal flair.

Visiting the greenhouses, and getting up early in the morning to go to the flower markets, gave me

vitality and an exceptionally good mood. The colours, the scents and the beauty of Italian

horticultural exhibits and creations were always unrivalled. I will never tire of celebrating Italian


However, flowers were not my only passion. I’ve always been obsessively attracted to objects and

how I can arrange them with flowers.

There is nothing that relaxes me more than antique markets. One can get lost purchasing and

exploring the vast array of vases, porcelain and unusual and original knickknacks. Big carnivals are

also great areas of exploration: filled with excitement and rich with new inspiration. The larger my

collection of these trinkets grew, the smaller the space in my home became. Therefore I could not

rule out equipping Floralia with a big warehouse, that some clients have named “Ali Baba’s Cave”.

Cultivating my two biggest passions for flowers and objects, and visiting fairs and markets, has

allowed me to grow a unique collection of floral props and accessories, which I have always made

available to my customers. The aim being to provide them with every possible tool to create an

exclusive atmosphere for their events.

With the help of an expert team of florists and impeccable set-up crew, who are just as imaginative
and creative, we have transformed Floralia into a successful company. We plan weddings and
special events, and have created floral designs for some of the most prestigious clients and brands
around the world. Using flowers, fabrics, lighting and intricate objects we not only design places,
we create special, unique and personalised ambiences.

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